Author Bio

David C Winegar is an author, trainer, coach, speaker, and applied neuroscience advocate who travels the world helping organizations and individuals to achieve more through a better understanding of human behavior.   His work has taken him to four continents, coaching 1000 s of people, from more than 90 different countries.

Before getting his MBA in organizational behavior and eBusiness from the University of Pittsburgh, he had an exceptionally diverse work background including; working at the Smithsonian Institution’s American History Museum, in the National Archives as a top-secret records declassification expert, and an International teacher of History and Geography in Helsinki, Finland.

Since receiving his MBA in 1995, he has been in no less than six tech start-up companies, 3 in the US and 3 in Finland, including a forerunner to Twitter and one of the first mobile email services.  For the last 11 years, he has been running his organizational development and coaching consulting firm Absolute-North which uses the latest psychological and neuroscience research to develop people.

His first book, The Elevator Pitch of You, uses insights into neuroscience to create a brain-friendly personal brand statement for use in social media and as a tool to build trustful relationships at work.  The response to his first book has been overwhelming selling hundreds of copies in the first six months on Amazon, Apple, and Google books.

David’s work has been with a broad spectrum of industries, everything from mobile gaming, and SAS companies, to industrial equipment, shipping, and machinery.  He has developed an experiential learning method called Artificial Experience Building, which uses neuroscience-backed research to better commit learning to long-term memory.

His practical insights into how to apply neuroscience to your life will provide you with a new set of tools to support you in your persistent pursuit of excellence.