Brainsights will kick open the door to the enigma of our minds by looking at the latest research being carried out by an army of 50 000 neuroscientists.  Using that knowledge, I will provide specific strategies to apply it to live, love and lead a better life.

New tools and methods for studying the brain have resulted in an outpouring of insights into human behavior.  The science has turned on its head long-held beliefs, leaving us with a more clear understanding of how to influence brain-positive behaviors to promote change.  Brainsights will help you to…

I will strip away the inherent complexity of the science and steer you to insights that will enrich your relationships, improve your well being, and grow your productivity.

Brainsights is a thinking person’s self-help book.  It is for those that can’t wait to dig into the science, knowing that what awaits them is the wisdom to make a difference in their own lives and those of others.

Well referenced with original research, the book is full of practical insights you can put to use in daily life to rewire yourself for success.

The Elevator Pitch of You

Personal Branding Made Easy

The Elevator Pitch of You powerfully combines a book and an online tool to help you create a personal brand statement that influences how people perceive you.  Its purpose is to evoke positive emotions, thoughts, and images in people, setting you apart from the competition.

How does it work?

The book takes you through the latest neuroscience research into how your brain processes information and shows you how to use that to build a better personal brand statement.  You find out how to use the same techniques that modern consumer brand managers use to influence people’s perceptions and buying behavior.  It is easier than you think. This book offers unique insight that will change forever how you how you answer the question of who you are and how others view you.

You get exclusive access to our online brand survey that creates a step-by-step personal workbook for developing your brand statement.  The heavy work has already been done to provide you with insight and direction to build your brand statement with ease.  The book provides plenty of examples for inspiration, and word by word takes you through how to build your own statement from your survey results.

Just as a well-written elevator pitch sells a start-up to investors,
your well-crafted personal brand statement will help you win the hearts and minds of those important to your success.

Where you can use your personal statement:

In job interviews, to help you confidently answer the question: “Tell us about yourself?

On your resume or CV, to give a clear picture of what sets you apart from the competition.

As a killer LinkedIn profile summary.

For leaders and team managers who want their teams to understand better who they are and how to work better with them.